Why Brock Lesnar must drop the title at Summerslam

It has long been noted by everyone in the WWE universe (as well as many of the wrestlers themselves) that Brock Lesnar being a part time champion is no longer working for the company. The frustration with a reign lasting well over 450 days with only six title defences on TV, which in comparison to CM Punk’s run with Raw’s top belt saw him defend it twenty one times.

Now don’t get me wrong, he originally brought back to the company in 2012 as a special attraction and by all means he is as good as it gets at playing that role but when he holds the company’s top belt, barely defending it in a time with very few exciting fueds, it leaves a stale taste in your mouth indeed.

Is Roman Reigns set to get another push and win the title at Summerslam?

By having Brock drop the title not only can we have a true feud to really get behind rather than a three month number one contendership program but we can see the first upper card pushes of superstars such as Elias, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin as well as the return to the top for Seth Rollins which if anyone has watched raw of late, he has shown that is exactly where he should be.

Not only this but during his reign he has never actually wrestled aside from a few brawls and you have to look back almost eighteen months for the last title match on Monday Night Raw, a stunning statistic and surely one WWE will be looking to change after a one billion dollar TV deal with Fox.

Braun Strowman capturing the money in the bank briefcase

WWE have also booked themselves into a corner here with billing the “Beast” so unstoppable that the only credible candidates to take the title are Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. The best thing for everyone would be for Lashley to Win next Monday and keep Reigns away from the title unless they are going to give him a push with the title.

The best option here has to surely be Strowman cashing in at Summerslam and perhaps then involve Reigns where they can again pick up their stunning fued from last year. The ship has sailed s little with the Monster Among Men but he seems the most exciting prospect as the flagship shows next Universal Champion.

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