WWE Extreme Rules Graded

The B Team v Deleter of Worlds

This match was fun but short (although probably a good thing), nothing stood out amazingly in the match but the shock of the tag titles changing to The B Team as the show opener was refreshing and something the Raw tag team division really needs.

Grade: B-

Jeff Hardy v Shinsuke Nakamura

I’m not usually a fan of short squash matches but this was brilliant to build up Nakamura back up especially as he looks so good as a heel and to keep him credible after the below par Styles fued. Randy Orton coming out after was confusing but still intriguing to see him act like a heel.

Grade: A-

Finn Balor v Baron Corbin

This was another short match, showcased some decent moments but with the rollup finish we can assume this fued isn’t over. Both men capable of much better but it wasn’t terrible, it was just there.

Grade : C

Kevin Owens tried to escape the steel cage in his match against Braun Strowman

Carmella v Asuka

Oh dear. What a poor match and a poor stipulation with the shark cage. It didn’t really work once so why do it again? Is this the end of James Ellsworth’s run with WWE? The only highlight was the match was brief but where now for Asuka after ruining her the last few months.

Grade: F

Kevin Owens v Braun Strowman

A very fun match and the spot of Owens trying to escape from the get go was funny. Some great moments including a Kevin Owens stunner. Had a feeling Owens would win but unlucky means and twenty years on from Mankind being thrown off the top of Hell in a Cell, Owen’s now knows how it feels whilst making Braun look strong still in defeat.

Grade: B-

Team Hell No v The Bludgeon Brothers

Extremely poor match after Team Hell No getting jumped earlier in the night. Wish if Kane was injured they’d have booked someone else instead. Didn’t live up to the hype or expectations and was extremely lacklustre. A well booked Sanity as next contenders at Summerslam please.

Grade: D

Bobby Lashley v Roman Reigns

Roman as a wrestler is brilliant but poorly booked. That being said it was 100% the right man that went over here with Lashley really needing a high calibre win since his return. It was a fun despite the crowd not being into it and a match I’m sure we’ll see again for the Universal Championship at some point down the road. This match was better than expected.

Grade: B

The Big Dog Roman Reigns was left beaten in the middle of the ring by a victorious Bobby Lashley

Alexa Bliss v Nia Jax

Another poorly booked women’s match and it felt like the whole match was simply based around Ronda Rousey being there. Her spot was semi good but seeing Mickie James basically no sell a kendo stick and then Ronda be flattened by one was poor booking. Match wasn’t great and hopefully that is the end of Jax in the title picture as it isn’t working.

Grade: D

AJ Styles v Rusev

For me this match was ruined before it started with us all knowing that AJ would of course retain. The match itself was very good (name a Styles match which isn’t) especially at the end with lots of near falls. Strange not to put this match on last with a babyface going over and still can’t help but feel they missed the ship completely with Rusev Day.

Grade: B

Seth Rollins v Dolph Ziggler

In terms of recent brilliance this match deserved to be last on but this was completely ruined by the crowd. It was a decent match if not a little odd with the heel chasing the babyface rather than what is usually the other way around with Rollins leading 3-0. After Kurt Angle sanctioned a sudden death following a 4-4 draw it fell a bit flat with the sudden interference of Drew McIntyre to give Dolph the win with the Zig-Zag.

Grade: C

Dolph Ziggler won his 30 minute iron man match against Seth Rollins and is still YOUR intercontinental champion

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