News Roundup July 18th 2018

Here are today’s latest news from the wrestling world:

– Brock Lesnar seems set to return to our screens very soon with a return to Monday Night Raw slated for July 30th edition at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, the week after the number one contenders match between Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns.

– Jeff Hardy looks set to take a fair amount of time off to nurse some injuries plaguing him and Randy Orton decimating him this week on Smackdown Live was a way of writing him off of TV.

Jeff Hardy fighting in his rematch against Nakamura for the US Title this last Tuesday night

– UFC Champion Daniel Cormier has hinted he would like to fight Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship in WWE. Whilst unlikely, certainly an intriguing comment.

– The New Day and Titus O’Neill have released statements regarding WWE reinstating Hulk Hogan back into the Hall Of Fame. Titus stated he felt a more sincere apology was required and potentially not heartfelt after Hogan commented he “did not know he was being recorded”.

Hulk Hogan’s return has certainly split opinion amongst both the WWE Universe and the fans.


– Tommaso Ciampa is the NEW NXT Champion after defeating Aleister Black at NXT’s latest tapings. It wasn’t without controversy as Johnny Gargano ran down to the ring and took out both men, Ciampa took advantage however as he got up first and hit Black with the Angel’s Wings for the three count and for a new champion to be crowned.

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