WWE Smackdown Live General Manager Paige Announces HUGE Number One Contender Tournament

In a a rather oddly phone recorded video, Smackdown General Manager Paige announced that we would have a number one contender tournament over the next three weeks for the right for one tag team to take on The Bludgeon Brothers for the tag team belts at Summerslam.

Whilst they are excellent champions, the booking at times on Smackdown has left the champions to look a little boring of late and after holding the titles for over four months by the time Summerslam comes around, it may well be time for them to drop the belt. Here’s the four contenders we’d most like to see in the tournament and we rate their chances of winning it!

The Bludgeon Brothers have held the tag team titles since Wrestlemania

The Usos’s

The former tag team champions had an excellent run throughout 2017 and beginning of 2018 feuding with The New Day and there is no doubt that they are still one of the best tag teams WWE currently has to boast. Whilst not doing an awful lot of late there is no doubt at all that a team with such charisma and in ring ability should be in this tournament.

Chance: 7

The New Day

Love them or hate them, they’re excellent at what they do. In the ring all three man are incredibly talented with great chemistry and on the mic they one of the best tag teams around. Whilst it may not be time for another reign with the titles, it would be nice to see the most decorated tag team on the roster put over another.

Chance: 5

Will SAnitY cause more chaos and let their presence be known over the next three weeks?

The Bar

Where have these guys gone?! When the draft was made we were melting at the strength of the tag division on Smackdown Live but half of the teams have been more or less inactive. They, along with The Usos’s were by far the best tag teams in WWE over the last eighteen months and any tournament will be much stronger seeing Sheamus and Cesaro partake. Not just that but they would be the perfect tag team for our next one to go over to look strong in the final. That being said we’ll probably end up with Rusev Day in this spot instead.

Chance: 5


It took an age for these guys to debut which seemed an odd decision in hindsight to take them off of NXT to do nothing with them. They haven’t had the greatest run so far on the main roster but a real strong showing here and they could still look like credible main contenders to The Bludgeon Brothers. SAnitY are our pick to win this and indeed the titles at Summerslam with Nikki Cross finally joining forces with them to help capture the gold.

Chance: 9

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