CM Punk to Ring of Honor? Austin Aries All In?!| Wrestling News Roundup Monday 23rd July

Here are today’s latest news from the wrestling world:

– As we reported. On Saturday on the “very small” chance of CM Punk returning for one show to Ring Of Honor. This is the Madison Square Garden Show in New York scheduled for April 6th, the same weekend as Wrestlemania and the very same night as NXT Takeover.

– Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff, has further commented on the above saying WWE contacted the venue to get the show cancelled and it then was. In the end legal action was dropped and Ring Of Honor’s show is back on there as they join forces with New Japan Pro Wrestling for the G1 Supercard.

Brock Lesnar squared up to Daniel Cormier at UFC 226

– Last night saw the Slammiversary PPV for Impact which was a huge success with most of the media coverage and expert opinion favourable. Austin Aries retained in the main event against Moose to remain the Impact Word Champion.

– Brock Lesnar has now filed to complete the remaining six months of his UFC drug ban and an early matchup next year looks likely against newly crowned UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier.

Could Impact’s World Champion Austin Aries be All In?

– Austin Aries has hinted that he will be at Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks show, All In on September 1st after stating in a recent interview that “But for All In, I will be in town, I will have my belts with me and I am not that hard to find”. Would certainly be a strong addition to All In if it comes to fruition.

– WWE continue to look to recover from their 2.4 million lowest ever viewership as we see Lashley v Reigns II, Stephanie McMahon’s historic announcement and the Deleter of Worlds v The B Team for the World Tag Team Titles

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